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Here is what parents say about our services:

"My 9 year old daughter, Sofia, loved Miss January's class!  I initially signed her up because she hated writing.  As a homeschooling mom (also a credentialed teacher), I was at a loss as to how to get her to enjoy her writing assignments.  Miss January's class hit the mark.  Sofia eagerly writes her papers in anticipation of sharing them with her class.  She now wants to be an author when she grows up.  I am so happy we found Miss January!"                                                 ~Heidi/ Inspire

“My daughter LOVES Miss January’s creative writing class. She looks forward to it every week and walks away smiling. Miss January provides such fun and unique writing prompts and keeps the class flowing nicely with her positive energy and encouragement. She really lets my daughter be herself with her writing, and I’ve never seen her write so much!” ~Megan/Inspire


I am a homeschooling mother of three.  I hired Mrs. Rodriguez to help tutor my daughters. My eldest daughter needed help with writing and my youngest with grammar.  Mrs. Rodriguez accomplishes in 15 minutes what takes me a week to get through.  I have used her as a private tutor and have placed my daughters in her creative writing class.  They have thrived under her tutelage.  I will continue to use her services.                    ~Tiffany/ Inspire





The News About J. Rodriguez


Master's Degree in English Education


Certified in English Education with an endorsement in ESOL

10 Years Teaching Experience 

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